MCA is a Portuguese Group founded in 1998 in Guimarães. The name of the company derives from its founder, the entrepreneur Manuel Couto Alves, who today serves as Chairman of the Company after 20 years in executive leadership.

The initial core activity was the construction of infrastructure facilities, such as roads, bridges, water and sanitation, civil, maritime, power and electrical facilities.

In 2006, MCA began its internationalization process, where Angola took a predominant role. The company has since expanded its activities across Europe, Africa and the Americas.

In 2021, Manuel Couto Alves took the decision to appoint for Vice-Chairman and CEO of the company Carlos Gomes da Silva, a renowned executive with proven track-record namely on the Energies business, to lead an ambitious path of realigning MCA’s strategy, business and governance model.

MCA is today focused on further developing the businesses of Renewable Energies, Circular Economy, Urban Development and Healthcare across four geographical clusters including Iberia, Central & Eastern Europe, Africa and LatAm.

The company strives to continue creating long-term shared value, whilst promoting the sustainable development of communities where it operates.

lives for

That’s what inspires us to improve the future, everyday! We foster people’s lives today, contributing to a better world for the generations to come.
Whether it’s promoting thriving communities, caring for our planet or supporting healthy living, with inclusive and sustainable solutions.

We seek to go even further every day, every moment. This is our path.


Our values reflect MCA’s legacy and serve as guiding principles to realise our future goals. They remind us of what is truly important for MCA, and help us go even further, every day.

1 Pioneer

We lead people along the path of progress and innovation. New technologies associated with disruptive development guide us to achieve the most effective results and solutions, even when we find ourselves outside our comfort zone.
We turn the challenges of today into the competitive advantages of tomorrow.

2 Sustainability

We preserve the present and create the future. With actions designed to positively impact the generations of today and the generations to come. We work towards a carbon neutral footprint.
Respecting our planet and the society we live in is thus at the core of how we operate.

3 Human

We take care of people and promote their well-being, whilst ensuring inclusion and diversity across the board.
Our conduct is guided by strict ethics and compliance principles, fully aligned with what we, as individuals and as a society, value the most.

4 Trust

We pave our path, walking openly and side by side, with partners, thus forming an unbreakable bond of trust.
We are a solid team that counts on each other to grow and evolve together, whilst forming lasting relationships with loyal partners.

5 Agility

Knowing that obstacles are just a part of the path, we quickly turn them into opportunities. Achieving growth requires the right balance between speed and adaptation.
Having the right answers at the right time, and taking decisions to adapt or leave, is key for success.


Together, we have been repositioning MCA as a business platform based on 4 business areas: Energies, Urban Development, Infrastructures and Healthcare.


We drive the energy transition through turnkey renewable energy, storage and electrification solutions, namely in developing countries.
We are also building a distinctive portfolio of energy transition assets, namely in renewables, circular economy and CO2 offset.

Urban Development

We enable the new sustainable urban order, driven by lifestyle trends where digital transition and shared living play a key role.
Whether its developing last-mile logistics platforms and tech centres, or promoting solutions for affordable & multifamily housing, we work with partners to tailor the best solutions for our clients.


We plan, build, rehabilitate and conserve different types of infrastructure, core to the development of communities where we operate.
From roads and bridges, to water and sanitation, civil works, maritime, power and electrical facilities using efficient and certified technologies.


We hold a competitive portfolio of healthcare and senior living assets in niche geographical areas.
Additionally, we are exploring innovative technologies and solutions to improve people’s well-being and healthy living.


Creating and protecting shared value in the long term is a guiding principle of MCA’s strategy, whether it’s promoting the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate, or mitigating the negative impacts of our activity.
We align ourselves with the best market practices in all geographies where we are present, namely at an Environmental, Social and Governance level, whilst involving stakeholders along the value chain.

At MCA, we promote UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and are aligned with EU’s climate ambitions.
And it is precisely with a focus on sustainability that MCA seeks to create value, not only for this generation, but for future generations, which is reflected in our purpose of Empowering Lives for Generations.


The combination of talent and our people's commitment is one of the biggest pillars of MCA's success.
If you're looking for a new challenge, submit your application.


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