Enabling access to basic infrastructure

  • >€ 2 Billion

    In projects carried out in Angola

  • >€ 250 M

    In projects carried out in Portugal

  • c. 500

    Projects implemented in Portugal

  • >€ 9 M

    Guaranteed in future goal in Portugal


We plan, build, rehabilitate and maintain different types of infrastructure, which are fundamental for the development of the communities where we operate. Be it roads and bridges, water and sanitation, civil works, marine facilities and energy facilities.

This business vertical intersects with other verticals of the Group, namely the Energy business, being responsible for the execution of renewable energy projects on the ground.


In recent years, our scope of work on international infrastructure has focused on Angola.

The MCA Group has a strong presence in Angola, with employees on the ground and a substantial equipment portfolio, being a relevant regional player also in the North of Portugal.


  • The business has been evolving over time, namely with the sophistication of project management tools such as Business Information Modelling to ensure timely and on-budget execution, as well as the use of different financing solutions.

  • We have a strong presence in the field with workers and a substantial fleet of machinery and equipment

  • We take advantage of synergies with the Energy business in the execution of Renewables projects, in addition to Water and Road infrastructures

  • We work on projects mostly financed through international instruments, namely export credit facilities, where the MCA Group has experience


  • >€ 2 Bilion

    In executed projects

  • 20

    Executed projects

  • > 700 MWH

    Future goal for batteries for local assembly and construction work


In Angola, the Infrastructure Business Vertical is responsible for the on-the-ground execution of the Renewable Energy projects developed by the Energy business. Discover the largest solar energy project in Angola and Sub-Saharan Africa, developed by MCA with an international consortium.


The Infrastructure business is very dependent on macroeconomic factors, so we have been adapting our structure to the needs of the business.

In Portugal

  • We adopt practices that ensure our competitiveness in the market, either by attracting and retaining talent, or by making use of technologies such as Business Information Modelling and other project management tools.

    In addition, we continue to raise a significant portfolio of projects through competitive public tenders, as well as projects for the private sector.

  • We are a relevant regional player in the North of Portugal, with a strong track record in Roads, Pavements, Marine and Civil Construction

  • We work with a focus on the development of projects for the public sector (auctions) and private sector

  • The MCA Group’s expertise in project management and Business Information Modelling tools is an asset for on-time and on-budget execution


  • >€ 250 M

    Value in executed projects

  • c. 500

    Executed projects

  • >€ 9 M

    Guaranteed in future goal

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