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  • 370 MW

    Solar photovoltaic project in progress

  • 16 KTPA

    Waste-to-Advanced Biodiesel Plant

  • 350 KM2

    Developed logistics parks

  • 450 K SQM

    Dwellings built

  • 13000 KM

    Roads built or renovated

  • 170 K ML

    Installed pipes

  • 1000 M3/H

    Water treatment

  • 2.6 M M3

    Coastal works

  • 1

    Marina Concession


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set global sustainability targets for 2030 and seek to mobilize global efforts from governments, businesses, and civil society. At MCA Group, we are committed to actively contributing to the SDGs by aligning our strategy and measuring results over time. 2023 data in the graphic below:

Image presenting the MCA Group's sustainability objectives and results in 2023 in five areas: 1. Growth with a Focus on Value: 213 million turnover; 52 million EBITDA. 2. Caring for Our Planet: 285 MW of solar photovoltaic capacity installed in Angola; 7,4 tonnes of CO₂e emitted (scope 1 and 2). 3. Promoting Thriving Communities: 0,5 million invested in social responsibility projects; 96% of employees hired locally. 4. Supporting Healthy Living: 1. 1265 new employees hired; 4,3 lost time injury frequency rate. 5. Responsible Governance Practices: 58% of employees have completed Ethics and Compliance training; 80% of suppliers and partners have had a risk assessment carried out.
Responsible governance


The image is a diagram showcasing two sections titled "Value-Driven Growth" and "Sharing our Value." In the "Value-Driven Growth" section, four categories are listed: Energies (with a light bulb icon) Urban Development (with a cityscape icon) Infrastructures (with a building icon) Healthcare (with a stethoscope icon) In the "Sharing our Value" section, three categories are listed: Caring for our Planet (with a leaf icon) Supporting Healthy Living (with a rainbow icon) Promoting Thriving Communities (with a community icon) The two sections are presented side by side, with "Value-Driven Growth" on the left in green and "Sharing our Value" on the right in black.


To support the evolution of the Group’s strategy, the associated risks and the macro context, we have been adapting our governance model to ensure the proper day-to-day management and strategic orientation of the company, in line with best practices.

Our governance model ensures strict alignment between stakeholders, while providing a clear separation of powers between the different governing bodies. The corporate structure is composed of a Board of Directors, composed of executive and non-executive members, and supported by a supervisory board with several Committees. The different governing bodies are supported by the Company Secretary.

The governance structure also provides for clear policies and procedures that aim to simplify interactions inside and outside the organization. The MCA Group has a transformation program underway, which will help support business transformation efforts. A more standardized approach to business practices will also help us better manage risks while ensuring that we seize opportunities.



The MCA Group provides services and may have its own portfolio holdings in different phases of a project’s value chain, in its business verticals and geographies where it operates.


  • Integrated Report 2023

    Relevant information for analysing the MCA Group's economic, environmental, social and governance practices and performance.

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