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The MCA Group was established in 1998 in Guimarães, Portugal. It was founded by Manuel Couto Alves, its current Chairman, who has steered the company’s evolution into an international business platform over the past 25 years.

Since its inception, the MCA Group has consistently upheld a robust commitment to corporate responsibility. This ethos guides the company’s operations, aiming to create a positive impact on communities and the world.

Having started out in the Construction sector, the Group has diversified its scope of action to now focus on sectors such as Energies, Urban Development, Infrastructure and Health. It is present in four geographies.

Key Figures

  • 213 M


  • 52 M


  • 285 MW

    Cumulative installed capacity of renewable energy projects executed

  • 1.8 M

    People who now have renewable energy at home

  • 0.5 M

    Investment in social responsibility

  • 675

    Volunteer hours

  • 5

    Countries where we operate

  • 1265



The MCA Group is a multinational company with a presence in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Poland and Angola, spanning across three geographical clusters. Our activities are centred around the Energies, Urban Development, Infrastructure, and Health sectors. We shape our strategy by delivering solutions that meet the needs of our clients and generate long-term value for communities across the various business verticals and geographical regions where we operate.

The image is an infographic showing the distribution of employees and sectors of activity across three regions: Iberia, Central Europe, and Africa. Each region is represented by a map with country-specific data. Iberia (left circle): Portugal: 23% of employees, Spain: 1% of employees. Sectors: Energies, Urban Development, Infrastructures, Healthcare. Central Europe (middle circle): Germany: 1% of employees. Sectors: Energies. Africa (right circle): Angola: 75% of employees. Sectors: Energies, Infrastructures. Each map highlights the specific country and its related sectors, providing a clear visual representation of employee distribution and areas of focus in each region.


  • Launch of a €1.29 billion rural electrification project that will provide green energy to over one million individuals, including people without access to electricity

  • Adjudication of two major road projects in Angola, spanning more than 360 km, which will connect the interior of Angola to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, increasing accessibility and mobility of people and goods

  • Delivery of two logistics parks in Spain with a LEED Platinum certification goal, aimed at accelerating trade and reducing distances

  • New
 workshops in Guimarães to centralise operations and improve efficiency

  • Signature of the primary EPC contract for a biomethane project in Central Europe, which will accelerate our role in energy transition

  • Reuse
 of over 70 tonnes of wood for manufacturing furniture for schools and health centres

  • Production 
of a traveling film festival powered by solar panels across 15 locations in Angola

  • Training in Diversity and Inclusion, including more than 320 hours

  • Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of MCA


Our purpose Empowering Lives for Generations serves as a beacon for our strategy based on sustainability.

We are focused on Growth with Value Creation that can be shared with society, through three elements: Caring for our Planet; Supporting Healthy Lives; and Promoting Thriving Communities.

All of this is supported by the fundamentals of Responsible Government Practices, which have been a key focus for the MCA Group as the business evolves. 2023 data in the graphic below:

Image presenting the MCA Group's sustainability objectives and results in 2023 in five areas: 1. Growth with a Focus on Value: 213 million turnover; 52 million EBITDA. 2. Caring for Our Planet: 285 MW of solar photovoltaic capacity installed in Angola; 7,4 tonnes of CO₂e emitted (scope 1 and 2). 3. Promoting Thriving Communities: 0,5 million invested in social responsibility projects; 96% of employees hired locally. 4. Supporting Healthy Living: 1. 1265 new employees hired; 4,3 lost time injury frequency rate. 5. Responsible Governance Practices: 58% of employees have completed Ethics and Compliance training; 80% of suppliers and partners have had a risk assessment carried out.

Since 1998

  • 1998

    Foundation of MCA in Portugal (M. Couto Alves, S.A.)

  • 2006

    Start of operation in Angola (MCA Vias)

  • 2007

    Constitution of Sines (AO) / Constitution of MEA (AO) / Constitution of ELAN (AO)

  • 2008

    Start of operations in Spain (BCM – Puerta Mayor)

  • 2009

    Constitution of MCA PSS (PT)

  • 2011

    Start of the concession at Douro Marina (PT)

  • 2017

    Incorporation of MCA AGRO (AO)

  • 2018

    Incorporation of MCA Corporate Services (PT)

  • 2019

    Incorporation of MainBio (PT) / Start of indirect operation in Austria (Biosure)

  • 2020

    Incorporation of MCA Healthcare (PT)

  • 2021

    Reinforcement of the corporate reorganization (M. Couto Alves, SGPS, S.A) / Reorganization of the Group's business portfolio

  • 2022

    Establishment of MCA2 Sustainability (PT - Madeira) / Start of operations in Germany (MCA Deutschland)

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